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Cognitus applies state-of-the-art economic understanding to real-world problems, while ensuring solutions are accessible and adding value to real-world clients.

Cognitus was formed in 2002 by its Principal Economist, Dr Richard Meade, following a successful career in investment banking. He formed Cognitus to focus on serving clients with novel and challenging economic problems in need of insightful and innovative solutions. He helps clients to frame their questions, and tailors solutions to their needs.

With just on 30 years of professional practice, Richard combines informed and incisive thinking with experience and judgement. His advice and analysis is independent and rigorous, and focused on providing practical advice to inform real-world decisions.

Dr Meade also combines consulting with university-level research and teaching, to ensure Cognitus’ clients enjoy advice at the cutting edge of international thinking (Senior Research Fellow profile at Auckland University of Technology). While many academics also offer consulting services, Richard is a practitioner who also teaches at university, and undertakes academic research.

Cognitus stands out for its unique blend of applied economics, economic research, and history of providing economic advice to Māori.

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