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Cognitus is notable in the New Zealand context in that its Principal Economist, Dr Richard Meade, is active in international quality public good research, and university-level teaching.

Many full-time academics also offer consulting services. Many economic consultancies also offer research services. Cognitus differs from both in that Dr Meade is available full-time for consulting, but also teaches and undertakes research in his specialist areas of economics at university level.


As a consequence, Richard brings academic research expertise to the applied problems of clients who need quality research on questions that might not attract academic attention, or for which academic research might not deliver fit-for-purpose results in a timely fashion. 

Cognitus offers clients research services that are tailored to their question, delivery time-frame, and preferred quality. Dr Meade works with clients to determine whether their research aims can be met with available data, resources and time-frame, and if necessary, can recommend variations that better meet their aims.

Outputs of commissioned studies undertaken by Cognitus are tailored to clients' target audiences, whether they be specialist or non-specialist. Cognitus is also able to present these outputs to clients, their stakeholders, and other target audiences as required.

Cognitus' research services include:

  • Commissioned studies on client-initiated questions

  • Targeted literature reviews - a highly-efficient way for clients to gain access to state-of-the-art international economic thinking, in ways that are directed at  their questions, and communicated in ways tailored to their audiences

  • Peer review of other experts' work, to provide clients with quality assurance that is informed, independent and objective.

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