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Advice & Analysis

Cognitus prides itself on providing clients with economic analysis and advice that is independent, robust, and authoritative - as well as understandable, and fit-for-purpose.
Principal Economist, Dr Richard Meade
Examples of Advisory and Analytical Services
  • Assessing the impact of new policies on industries, sectors or social groups

  • Assessing the case for or against regulatory changes or new regulation

  • Regulatory design, including analysis of future (de)regulatory requirements in the face of potentially disruptive technology changes and new business models

  • Advising on new industry governance arrangements, such as on optimal ownership, competition, contracting, incentives, and market arrangements

  • Assessing the impact of mergers, or trade practices, on consumers or firms

  • Using techniques such as discrete choice analysis to estimate users' willingness to pay for different non-price attributes of goods or services, or to assess damages or welfare losses

  • Estimating losses or damages, or valuing resources or assets

  • Providing expert evidence for litigation/arbitrations or negotiations - including in the Waitangi Tribunal and Environment Court

  • Determining optimal arrangements for sharing intellectual property, taking into account competitive effects of different royalty structures

  • Peer reviewing economic analyses, or providing second opinions on economic analyses that rely on judgements to an important degree

  • Assisting in the formulation of economic projects, or specification of economic services procurement

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