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"I won't take on a job unless I am confident that I can add value to my client. And I won't offer my client a solution until I've made sure that they've arrived at the right question."

Dr Richard Meade, Principal Economist

For Cognitus, the best advertisement is a satisfied client. As a consequence, most of Cognitus' new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. This means Cognitus is focused on providing its clients with fit-for-purpose and value-adding solutions, reflecting clients' needs.

But Cognitus also plays the long game. Its clients obtain the most value when Cognitus' advice and analysis is perceived to be authoritative, reliable and trusted. So Cognitus only gives its clients advice that is objective, well-founded and independent. That way both they - and Cognitus' other clients - benefit from Cognitus' ongoing reputation for quality.

Through years of experience serving a diversity of clients - whether they be public, private or Māori - Cognitus understands the differing needs of each client type, and tailors its services to meet those needs.

A selection of Cognitus' past and present clients is provided below.

Selected Public Sector Clients
Selected Corporate Clients (Including Māori Corporates)
Selected Māori Clients (Including Non-Corporates)

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