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Training & Development

"I've always enjoyed the challenge of making hard ideas easy, and helping people to leave the room having developed better ideas than when they entered. Teaching and training are natural ways to satisfy the urge."

Dr Richard Meade, Principal Economist

Dr Meade is an accomplished and engaging speaker, and takes pride in being able to communicate complex economic ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Cognitus' Principal Economist, Dr Richard Meade, is a highly-effective communicator of complex ideas. He regularly presents in public or privately on topical economic issues.


Since 2003 Richard has provided university-level undergraduate and professional development (i.e. MBA, and industry training) training, both in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Dr Meade increasingly partners with private, public and Māori organisations to provide capacity building services, and training and development.

Examples of Cognitus' training and development services include:

  • Seminars and workshops for in-house staff training - e.g. law firms, corporates or regulators

  • Industry body training, or presentations on industry issues

  • Thought partnership with executive teams to build capacity for critical analysis, and for strategy development and solving challenging problems.

Training and development topics include the economics of regulation, techniques and applications of discrete choice analysis and competitive strategy.

Cognitus tailors its training and development topics and services to clients' specific needs.

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