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Representation & Negotiation

Cognitus has decades of experience using its economic expertise to complement legal expertise when negotiating agreements with commercial or other economic elements.

"I relish the task of engineering novel ways to resolve apparently irreconcilable positions. And finding value in unexpected places."

Dr Richard Meade, Principal Economist

In processes involving agreements with commercial or other economic features - such as in Treaty settlement negotiations - it is natural to rely on your trusted legal team. After all, "the devil is in the detail", so contracts, regulations and legislation need to be properly drafted.

But lawyers and economists have different - and in many ways highly complementary - skill-sets. Just as economists need legal experts, even trained and highly experienced lawyers benefit from expert economic input on matters affecting ownership, incentives, competition and investment.

Cognitus offers clients the rare combination of decades of contracting and negotiation experience with expert economic and commercial expertise and experience. Including Cognitus on your negotiating team means you will pick up on economic issues of which your legal team can't be expected to be aware. This provides Cognitus' clients with extra assurance, and presents opportunities for value-adding innovations.

In addition to negotiation services, Cognitus also offers clients representation services. Whether in the form of presenting independent expert evidence such as loss assessments or policy impacts, or critiquing proposed policy or regulatory changes, Cognitus can clearly and forcefully present evidence and analysis on behalf of its clients to ensure that decision-makers act on a better-informed basis.

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